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How Much Does Chris Christie Weigh in 2013 - Weight and Health an Issue?

By Staff
Feb 8, 2013
How much does Chris Christie weigh?

How much does New Jersey Governor Chris Christie weigh?

His weight and health were made an issue this week by former White House physician Dr. Connie Mariano as she expressed concern that Christie is too fat and his weight issues may make him unfit for office.

She then added that his obesity could cost him his life.

During an interview with CNN, Mariano said that Christie could suffer a heart attack or stroke during his tenure.

"I'm worried about this man dying in office," she said.

Christie said about what he does when he is asked how much he weighs, 'shut up!'

The overweight governor was furious that anyone would question his health just because he is over 100 pounds overweight and called Mariano "just another hack who wants five minutes on TV."

Christie moaned, "I find it fascinating that a doctor in Arizona who's never met me, never examined me, never reviewed my medical history or records, knows nothing about my family history, could make a diagnosis from 2,400 miles away. She must be a genius." much does he weigh?

He won't say. It is unknown exactly what Chris Christie weighs, but most estimates and guesses are north of 300 pounds and he is just under six feet tall.

Estimates of his weight run as low as 280 pounds to estimates that put his weight as high as 360 pounds.

The New Republic had this guess in 2011, which has some interesting statistics included:

"Chris Christie's crowd-sourced weight is 334 pounds. That will have to do until a better method (say, candidate disclosure) is found. Christie is 5 foot 11, so his Body Mass Index is 46.6.

That's well into the dread class three obesity category.

It's also worse than that of the reigning presidential BMI champion, William Howard Taft, whose BMI was estimated by George magazine at 42.3. Which means that if Christie got elected president he wouldn't just be the fattest president since Taft.

He'd be the fattest president, like, ever."

The photo above was snapped of Christie in Feb. 2013 outside the David Letterman Show.

Watch a video below of the appearance where Christie eats a doughnut for the cameras while joking with Letterman about his weight.

Christie tried to explain why he had failed at keeping his weight under control at a press conference on Thursday:

"For folks who have struggles with their weight, if you talk to anyone in this room who has a struggle with their weight what they will tell you is that every week, every month, every year, there’s a plan. There’s a plan. And so the idea that somehow I don’t care about this, of course I care about it. And I’m making the best effort I can. And sometimes I’m successful and other times I’m not. And sometimes, periods of great success are followed by periods of great failure….[T]hat’s just the way it’s worked for me for probably the last 30 years of my life."

Should Christie's weight be an issue?

(Image: WENN)


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