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James Holmes in Court - Victims Father Screams 'Rot in Hell' to Alleged Killer

By Staff
Jan 12, 2013
James Holmes

Alleged killer James Holmes was in court this week.

He is accused of multiple counts of murder and other charges in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre and a victim's father made sure to get his point across to the alleged killer and yelled "Rot in hell, Holmes" during the court hearing this week.

Steve Hernandez was the man yelling at the man accused of murder and his daughter, Rebecca Wingo, was one of Holmes' 12 murder victims in the July shooting.

The judge was unhappy with the outburst.

He first told Hernandez, "I am terribly sorry for your loss," and added "I can only begin to imagine the emotions that this is raising."

However, he then reiterated that he was in a court of law and could be held in contempt.

"I meant no disrespect," Hernandez apologized, promising there would be no further trouble.

He was let go after he promised no further outbursts.

The court also ruled on Friday to allow Holmes' attorneys more time for a defense.

An arraignment is scheduled for March 12.

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