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Killer Issued Razor Before Suicide (Photo) Serial Killer Israel Keyes' Mysteries Remain

By Staff
Feb 14, 2013

A serial killer was issued a razor in jail 'by mistake' right before he committed suicide as he awaited a murder trial.

A report released Wednesday by the Alaska Department of Corrections says it was an error and the report reveals “it appears that razor was not retrieved" from confessed serial killer Israel Keyes (see photo right) and he used it to kill himself.

He was in an Alaskan jail awaiting trial in the brutal murder of 18-year old Samantha Koenig.

His body was found in his bloddy jail cell on Dec. 2 and now the mystery of his confessions of killing will be more difficult to solve.

Serial killer trail…

Before he died, Keyes told investigators he had killed Koenig and at least seven other people across the country.

Keyes admitted to investigators that he killed four people in Washington State, and police were never able to prove that and there is still an active investigation by the FBI as well as police in that state.

He also confessed to at least one murder in New York State though police say they still have not determined the identity, age, or gender of the victim, or when and where the murder may have occurred.

Keyes was also linked to the deaths of Bill and Lorraine Currier of Essex, Vermont.

Keyes' last known murder was the kidnapping and murder of the aforementioned Samantha Koenig, and that is the trial that he was waiting on when he was given the razor and committed suicide.

Family furious…

Koenig’s father has criticized the Corrections Department over the death, which he says robbed his family of their day in court.

In talking about how the serial killer was given the razor, her father expressed disbelief.

“I don’t think it was mistaken at all,” he said.

“How do you mistakenly give someone in segregation a real razor blade?”

The AP has more here.

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