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Little Sister Pulled from Car (Photos, Video) by Hero Sister, 4 Years Old

By Staff
Feb 21, 2013

A little sister was pulled from a car that had been crashed by her mother by her big sister, likely saving her life.

Car Crash Kills Mother, But Daughters Survive

The mother died in the crash and the little sister who was pulled from the wreckage and saved is only a 2-year old toddler.

Her sister is being hailed a hero and also very young, only 4 years old.

None of them have been named, yet.

The crash happened in Washington state and police officers say the big sister likely saved her little sister's life.

The Washington State Patrol says the 26-year-old woman and her two daughters were traveling on Highway 401 and the car went off the road and crashed into a tree in a very remote area.

The yet to be named woman died instantly and the 2-year old was seriously hurt in the violent crash.

The hero big sister was also injured, but was still able to get herself and her sister out of the car to safety.

King 5 from Seattle has more details along with photos from the wreck and reports:

"The 4-year-old managed to get herself and her 2-year-old sister out of the car and covered both of them with a blanket. Troopers said this likely saved them because both were injured and it was raining, with temperatures in the low 40s.

"It was not until sometime between 8 and 8:30 a.m. that someone driving by noticed a fresh gash in the tree, decided to check it out and found the girls."

The woman was on her way to pick up her husband at a nearby town when she crashed and authorities says she likely fell asleep at the wheel and died instantly in the crash.

Watch the video for more information.


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