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Man, 82, Tackles Suspect (Video)

By Staff
Feb 11, 2013

Man, 82, tackles suspect - check out the video below.

82-year old man assists police with suspect tackle.

Terry Miracle is 82 years old, but the senior citizen can still deliver a cross body block and he proved it by taking out a male suspected in a robbery who was running through his neighborhood trying to elude police with a body block at the knees.

The Washington senior citizen said he was pulling weeds in his garden as the suspect led police on a foot chase down his street and after he heard an officer yell the suspect was coming his way, he formulated a plan to pitch in and help.

The police were chasing a suspected robber who was looking back as he was running.

"He was looking back to see how close the police were and he didn't see me at all," Miracle told NBC 12.

Miracle decided to try a cross body block on the suspect, he says he recalled it from his high school football days.

That was about 65 years ago.

WSFA reports:

"'I can do that,' I said to myself, not thinking that I'm an 82-year-old man and he was maybe 30, if that."

Miracle said he ran towards the man, who stopped, and that's when he busted out his move.

"You always lift your knee and spread it out a ways," he said. "And I did that kind of atomically I guess. I caught him in the knees and he went down."

Watch a video below.

The report notes that police identified the suspect officers arrested as 27-year-old Morgan Perry Bluehorse, a convicted felon with a long criminal history.

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