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Migraine Equals Chinese Accent (Video) British Woman Sarah Colwill

Apr 20, 2010

Migraine headache sufferer Sarah Colwill started speaking with a Chinese accent in a bizarre reaction to severe migraines, she told reporters. Doctors are baffled by her sudden switch and she believes she has Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS).

The 35-year old woman says she has never been to China or studied Chinese, and said she was at first amused by her strange voice, according to a New York Daily News report.


She still speaks English, but with a slight Chinese accent and no longer likes it. She thought it was cute at first, but now wishes she could get rid of it.

"I have my ups and downs about this," Colwill told the UK Daily Mail newspaper. "The first few weeks it was quite funny, but to think I am stuck with this. My voice has started to annoy me now. It is not my voice."

"I have had my friends hanging up on me because they think I'm a hoax caller," she added.


According to the UK Sun (they have video of the woman speaking on her condition with the accent), "Experts believe FAS is triggered following a stroke or head injury, when tiny areas of the left side of the brain linked with language, pitch and speech patterns are damaged."


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