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Mom, Son Drug Kiss (Video) Oxycodone Exchange in Jail with French Kiss

By Staff
Feb 7, 2013
Did they get the idea from the Go daddy Super Bowl Ad?

A mom who passed drugs to her son with an open mouth French kiss while visiting him in jail has been charged with promoting prison contraband.

Kimberly Margeson, 54, was visiting her 30-year old son William Partridge in jail when she passed her drug stash of two Oxycodone painkiller pills she had in her mouth on to him with an icky sounding open-mouthed kiss.

There is a video report about the jailhouse hi-jinx here, see the photo above and watch below to the recent awkward openmouthed kiss we thought of when we first heard the story.

Partridge gets more trouble for his role in the liplock with Mom - while he was originally in jail for an entirely different matter, he has been hit with another charge just like his Mom, for promoting prison contraband.

He remains in jail, while Mom has made bail.

Margeson pleaded not guilty to the two charges in and was released on a $2,000 bail.

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