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Ohio St. Logo Mistaken for Pot (PHOTO)

By Staff
Feb 17, 2013
Ohio St. Logo Mistaken for Pot Leaf by clueless Tenn. cops.

Ohio St. logo mistaken for pot?

Check out the photo above - that is the Ohio State logo and a police officer in Tennessee apparently pays little attention to collegiate sports as he believed when he saw the logo being displayed by a driver he had just pulled over that meant they were a big fan of marijuana because of the five-leaf buckeye symbol.

"It's just amazing they would be that dumb," said Bonnie Jonas-Boggioni, the 65-year old woman who was pulled over by the Tenn. cops and harassed for supporting her NCAA team.

USA Today reports:

"Jonas-Boggioni and her husband, Giorgio Boggioni, 66, of Plano, Tex., were driving home through Tennessee from Columbus, Oh., where they had attended a funeral for Jonas-Boggioni's mother.

The two were pulled over a few miles east of Memphis, along I-40, and were greeted by a pair of black SUVs containing officers wearing "body armor and guns," Jonas-Boggioni told Joe Blundo of The Columbus Dispatch.

"What are you doing with a marijuana sticker on your bumper?" one of the officers asked."

The married couple tried to explain that it was not a marijuana sticker, but the Buckeye symbol.

The story gets worse - even after they heard the explanation, the cops say they believed that the sticker must indicate that the couple are a part of a marijuana ring smuggling pot through Tennessee.

Yikes - it is usually stupid criminals that gain attention - this time it is stupid cops.

"Police hunting drugs should know that a Buckeye leaf - which has five leaflets - doesn't look much like a marijuana leaf, which typically has seven leaflets and a narrower shape," Jones-Boggioni told Blundo.

The report adds that before letting the pair off, officers told the couple that they should remove the Ohio State sticker from their car. "I said, 'You mean in Tennessee?'" Jones-Boggioni said. "No, permanently," the officers replied.

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