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Sarah and Todd Palin and the Iron Dog Race

Feb 10, 2009

Last August Sarah Palin arrived on the national scene when Republican Presidential candidate John McCain picked the barely known Alaskan governor as his vice presidential candidate. Along with Sarah came an instant interest in her family, their Alaskan lifestyle and the challenges they face along with many other American Families.
Sarah and Todd Palin and the Iron Dog Race
Sarah and Todd Palin and the Iron Dog Race

But the ladies can attest that one of the biggest draws of Sarah Palin was sexy, help around the house, husband, Todd Palin, better known as Alaska's First Dude. Sarah proudly introduced him late last August as a North slope oil production worker and "a world champion snowmachine racer!"


Fox News' Greta Van Susteren traveled to Alaska early last fall and did an in depth story on exactly what a snowmachine is and to inquire about the Tesoro Iron Dog title, the world's longest and toughest snowmobile race which Todd has participated in for years and has won 5 titles.

His supportive wife, Governor Sarah Palin served as official starter near Big Lake for the 26th running of the 1,971-mile, six-day event reports People magazine and will also be present to wave the winner's flag at the finish line in Fairbanks. The magazine reports that Todd is looking for his fifth Tesoro Iron Dog title and 34 two-man teams are competing in sub zero degree temperatures in this years competition for the grand prize of $150,000. Todd's riding partner, Scott Davis says, "We're ready. Todd has been training a couple of hundred miles a day to get ready." Good luck to all the crazy riders willing to brave the freezing Alaskan terrain.

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