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Snakes in Day Care Center (Video) Python Infestation Closes Childcare Center

By Staff
Dec 23, 2012
Baby pythons

Snakes Close Day Care center - An infestation of snakes inside a childcare center in Australia caused officials to evacuate the children as workers searched for the snakes.

Officials believe there were at least 23 baby pythons loose in the center.

The mother was a 10-foot Australian carpet python and after workers at the center found her, they investigated and found "an infestation of at least 23 baby pythons," according to ABC News.

The center is set up to care for children 6 weeks to five years old, so officials evacuated the center and began to search for the snakes.

Watch a video below that shows the baby snakes and their nest, found inside a wall..

ABC explains:

The non-venomous carpet python is relatively common in much of Australia and New Guinea. It can grow as large as 13 feet and, like all pythons, kills its prey by coiling around and suffocating or crushing it.

It is possible for a snake as large as the one found at Mitchell Street Childcare Center to harm a young child. In one example from 2009, a family’s 8-foot pet Burmese python escaped its cage and killed a 2-year-old girl as she lay in her bed.

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