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Trayvon Martin Texts, Photos Online (Video) Unflattering 'Gangsta' Portrayal by Defense

By Staff
May 23, 2013

Several Trayvon Martin texts and some new photos have been placed online by the George Zimmerman defense team and they paint an unflattering portrayal of a troubled youth who had been kicked out of his house by his mother and thought of himself as 'gangsta.'

Photos of Trayvon Martin released from his cell phone by defense lawyers.

The texts reveal texts about fights Trayvon was involved in along with talk about smoking marijuana and possibly purchasing even buying a handgun.

The text messages that have been released include a conversation from November 2011 in which he appears to say his mother has kicked him out of the house after “da police caught me outta skool," the text reads.

"So you just turning into a lil hoodlum," the person with whom he is texting writes back in response to the news.

"Naw, I’m a gangsta," Trayvon answers in the return text message, collected from his cell phone after he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.

The photos show Martin blowing smoke (see above) and another photo shows Trayvon extending his middle finger to the camera.

A photo of a handgun was also on his cell phone and another picture shows a marijuana plant.

One of the texts appear to be discussing guns and a possible purchase.

"U wanna share a .380 w/ (the name is blacked out),” one text message sent from Trayvon’s phone reads.

In other text messages, Martin tells a friend that his mother has told him he needs to move out of her house and move in with his father since he was caught skipping school. He also talks with a friend about smoking "weed."

In another section, he describes being in a fight where his opponent got more hits than he did in the first round.

Lawyers for Martin speak out…

According to WINK News, "attorneys for Martin's parents said in a statement that the photos and texts were irrelevant to the trial and could pollute the jury pool."

"Is the defense trying to prove Trayvon deserved to be killed by George Zimmerman because (of) the way he looked?" they said.

"If so, this stereotypical and closed-minded thinking is the same mindset that caused George Zimmerman to get out of his car and pursue Trayvon, an unarmed kid who he didn't know."

Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder, claiming self-defense. His trial starts next month.

More photos here.

Watch a video below.

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