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Walmart Bikini Babe (Photo) Swimsuits Break Oregon Health Code?

Jul 29, 2011

A woman decided to show some skin at Wal-Mart and the store gave her the boot, claiming her lack of clothing and her swimsuit was violating health codes.

"I was horrified," she told KVAL News. "I am embarrassed. I hadn't done anything obnoxious or outlandish."

She said employees escorted her and her sister out of the store.

The store has a different story, Walmart spokesperson Ashley Hardie told KVAL that McMillin was actually not forced to leave, but that other customers had complained about the bikini-clad shopper.

"We can understand her frustration," Hardie said. "It was not our intent to offend the customer and we have apologized to her.

Check out her outfit in the photo - did Wal-Mart make the right call kicking out the bikini top clad tattooed woman who is overweight?

Or is that suitable attire?


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