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Alicia Silverstone Readies for Stage in Lesbian 'Boston Marriage'

Jan 9, 2006

It's stretch time for Alicia Silverstone, who's readying for a stage stint in revered wordsmith David Mamet's "Boston Marriage" with Mary Steenburgen and Rebecca Pidgeon.

Playing the 'Spit On' Maid

Playing the 'Spit On' Maid

The two other actresses play the pair who share the title relationship, a demure Victorian term for a lesbian couple, with Alicia is their much-put-upon maid in the piece, which begins previews at the end of the month at L.A.'s Geffen Playhouse.

"The girls aren't very nice to my character. She's constantly being spit on, basically," laughs Silverstone. "But it's so funny -- what they say to her makes me laugh out loud. Like, 'I thought we told you, you were supposed to die.'"

Alicia's been practicing a Scottish accent for the part: "I keep saying I'm from Scotland, but they continue to say I'm from Ireland."

Silverstone, who wed rocker Christopher Jarecki last year, also has the Weinstein Co's feature adaptation of "Stormbreaker" (as in the best-selling Alex Rider novel) on the way. Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke, Bill Nighy, Sophie Okonedo and young Alex Pettyfer also star. "I play the nanny for the young boy who is kind of like a James Bond for kids," she says. "She's a very bad nanny -- like, she's mental. It's like an action-adventure-family film, just great, crazy fun."


Don't expect Wolfgang Puck to make a habit of appearing in prime-time dramas. The super chef did a cameo in NBC's "Las Vegas" -- which will feature one of his newest restaurants beginning tonight (1/9) -- and found it tedious as could be.

"Filming takes a very long time. I'm glad I'm patient, because in a restaurant, if somebody orders an omelette or a fish, it's ready in 15 minutes," he says. "Here they do it from this angle and that angle to get it right. We were there from 1:00 in the morning 'til midnight." As for whether there'll be any more acting in his future -- "I don't think I'm going to quit my day job," says Puck with a laugh. "You have to be a professional. It's like a lot of actors, doctors, or dentists want to be in the restaurant business, but they screw it up because you have to be there."

Puck certainly has a lot on his plate this year. "We're doing a restaurant at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the late spring. Then at the end of May, we're going to open one in Atlantic City." And let's not forget the awards season. "For us, the Governor's Ball is one of the biggest events of the year," notes Puck of the annual post-Oscar party he caters. "It's stressful for sure because you want to do a great job, and it's not that easy to serve 1,600 people great food. But it's always fun to do, and by now we have it down."


Sherilyn Fenn joins the WB's "Gilmore Girls" tomorrow (1/10) as the mother of Luke's (Scott Patterson) 12-year-old daughter he didn't know he had. And so much for a complication-free engagement for Luke and Lorelei (Lauren Graham).

"Luke already has a mother and daughter in his life -- and now he's going to have another mother-daughter on the other side of him," notes Fenn. "She's a smart mom. She's not an intentional foil. She's not there because of her own relationship with him, but because of her child, which his enough." The former "Twin Peaks" actress says her daughter, played by Vanessa Marano, "is going to lead you into the reveal. All of a sudden he's choosing to have a relationship with her, and dealing with all the kind of awkward, beautiful things that brings up." Fenn's association with Amy Sherman-Palladino -- the "Gilmore Girls'" creator -- goes back to a 2003 pilot for a "Gilmore' spinoff that was to have starred Milo Ventiglimia and Fenn. It didn't get bought, but the producer has been telling the actress she wanted to work with her again ever since, and wrote the new character -- who'll be seen in at least six episodes -- with her in mind.


"Performing stand-up comedy on stage is the most harrowing and frightening thing for me. Performing in a play is easier. I can finish a corned beef sandwich and go right on, but comedy ... that's hard!" So says Golden Globe nominee Woody Allen, whose "Match Point" has him straying from comedy. The film grabbed four Golden Globe nominations, including one for Best Supporting actress Scarlett Johannson.


Pop icon Cyndi Lauper says she's been "talking to different people about doing some work on TV," but she definitely isn't interested in cameras following her around all day, as has been the case with other music stars. "Everything's such reality, reality, reality It's like, what happened to the writing?" she complains. "I like funny things and kind of innovative things."


(With reports by Stephanie DuBois and Emily Feimster)

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