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Alycia Lane Bikini Photos Finally Online?

Jun 30, 2007

Alycia Lane busted into pop culture with a wild story on how she sent married NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen some sexy bikini shots via e-mail. Though the story is now about two months old people still want desperately to see the photos and many wonder why she hasn't released them. The story was that Rich Eisen shares an e-mail box with his wife Suzy Shuster.

Alycia Lane Bikini Photos Finally Online?

Alycia Lane Bikini Photos Finally Online?

So as it goes Alycia Lane sends Rich some provocative shots of her in a skimpy bikini. Well Rich didn't get the photos. Suzy answered: "Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini…congrats! Whatever you're doing, (Pilates? yoga?) keep doing it - it's working for you. Anyway, sorry but those seven e-mails you sent to my husband, Rich, well, oops, they came to the e-mail address we both use from time to time, but no worries, I'll forward the beach shots as well as the ones of you dancing with your friends on to his main address. Do you have it?"


Oh boy. Lane insisted it was just some harmless fun. Now bikini photos are online, with a poor photoshop job for the desperate red blooded males of Philly. Daniel McQuade, editor of the paper's Philadelphia "Will Do" blog, was so deluged with requests for the shots that he finally posted a doctored photo featuring Lane's head taped on a buxom bikini model's body.

Uh-huh - it's just not the same. But the photos are online. Check them here.


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