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Alycia Lane Bikini Pictures: Photos Include Girlfriends on Beach, Too

May 3, 2007

Alycia Lane posed for what sounds like some incredible bikini pictures. At least that is according to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen's wife Suzy Shuster who intercepted the racy e-mailed bikini photos and wrote her back congratulating her on her smoking hot body. But Lane says it was no big deal. She is desperately trying spin control as the story has burned up the World Wide Web.

Alycia Lane Bikini Pictures: Photos Include Girlfriends on Beach, Too

Alycia Lane Bikini Pictures: Photos Include Girlfriends on Beach, Too

Lane tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that the emails were part of friendly banter between friends, (her and Rich) and the photos contained photos of her and several friends on the beach. That's right; they may be even hotter, as there are several gals in bikinis. How did Eisen get this gig again? And what a friend Alycia is - sending out group bikini shots.


In an exclusive interview with 'The Philadelphia Inquirer', Lane insisted she was not a home-wrecker. The photos were simply part of "harmless" banter between "two old friends," and not an attempt to entice the Los Angeles-based Eisen or break up his nearly four-year marriage to former Fox and ABC sports reporter Suzy Shuster. She said she knew he was married.

"I don't want to hurt his marriage," said Lane, 34, whose second divorce was recently final. "I hope love comes to me. I'm not looking for it with a married man. I have been the married girl who was cheated on."


The scandal, which has been picked up by media outlets worldwide, began when the e-mails were discovered by Eisen's wife, a former sports reporter for ABC-TV and Fox. The photos and Shuster's message to Lane were first reported by the New York Post's "Page Six" gossip column.


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