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Amazing Race 2014 Results Recap from Last Night - Elimination, Who Went Home?

By Staff
Apr 21, 2014

Who went home on The Amazing Race last night (April 20, 2014)? The recap of the elimination is below, six teams started the night and only the top five 'All-Stars' teams would remain.

Let's review what happened last week and the order the teams placed along with the elimination.

Rachel and Brendon checked-in first and scored a cool trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef last week for their first place finish.

The rest of the results from last weeks competition are below.

Caroline and Jen were the second team to finish and right behind them are Dave and Connor, and as gentleman it was because they allowed the girls to go first.

Jet and Cord were the fourth team and Leo and Jamal were team number five to finish last week and safe.

Flight Time and Big Easy were Team number six and barrely missed elimination.

John and Jessica were the last team in during last week's competition and were eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 one week ago.

Last night's results recap:

Brendon and Rachel checked-in first as the first team and have won $7,500 each last night.

Jet and Cord were Team number two on Sunday night.

Leo and Jamal were Team number three and Caroline and Jen were Team number four and all are now in the top five for the Amazing Race 2014.

Dave & Connor were Team number five and just barely safe.


That means Flight Time and Big Easy were the last team to finish on last night's show and now are eliminated.

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