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Amazing Race Results, Tonight's Finale - All Stars 2014 Winner Is Crowned (Spoilers)

By Staff
May 18, 2014
Amazing Race All Stars 2014 finale, winner crown tonight.

The Amazing Race finale is tonight, check below for the results, we will have a winner crowned tonight (May 18, 2014) for the All Stars.

The show is down to three couples - Dave and Connor, along with Rachel and Brendon and Caroline and Jen all remain on The Amazing Race 2014 and one will win tonight.

Host Phil Keoghan told TV Guide that the finish is "down to the wire" tonight, so expect a lot of excitement as the teams race through Las Vegas.

"We set something up at the end hoping for a really dramatic finish where the [eliminated] teams didn't know where the teams were going to come from. It was a risk to set it up that way. If the teams were separated by a certain amount of distance, it wouldn't have worked," he told TV Guide.

Caroline and Jennifer surprised Phil by making the finals, but he expected the other two couples (Dave and Connor, Rachel and Brendon) to make the finale in Sin City.

The final race and finish is super close, Keoghan says, "It's all three teams lining up to come in and two are right on top of each other."

Check below for the results of tonight's Amazing Race finale.

Tonight's results:

The winner team for the Amazing Race All-Stars 2014 is Dave and Connor!!!

Caroline and Jen finish in second.

Brendon and Rachel finish in third.

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