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Amazing Race Results - Tonight's Elimination Recap for 2014 All Stars

By Staff
Mar 9, 2014
Brendon and Rachel won on last week's show.

The Amazing Race results for tonight (March 9, 2014) are below - it's another elimination for one of the teams.

This year two teams have already been sent home from the Amazing Race All Stars this season.

Last week Mallory & Mark came close, but were the last team to finish and were booted off the show.

Natalie & Nadiya were the first team to be eliminated this season on the Amazing Race 2014.

Here are the results from last week's show.

Brendon and Rachel finished in first place and won an extra $2,500 each for their effort.

Margie and Luke finished in second place.

Caroline & Jen were third and Dave and Connor were fourth.

Flight Time and Big Easy were fifth, Jet and Cord finished in sixth place.

Leo and Jamal were seventh while Joey and Meghan finished in the number eight spot and Jessica and John were ninth, just under the wire.

They were the team that finished next-to-last and almost were eliminated.

On Sunday night, the teams face are in the Malaysian jungle on homemade rafts trying to survive and win the week.

Tonight's results…

There are two flights to Malaysia and the Amazing Race is own, Dave and Connor got the first flight, along with Jet and Cord, Flight Time and Big Easy, Margie and Luke, Jen and Caroline and Leo and Jamal!

Brendon and Rachel get lost in taxi and are on the second flight.

Also on flight number two - Jessica and John along with Joey and Meghan.

More results - who's first?

Dave and Connor are first this week and win a trip to Budapest, Hungary to boot.

Jet and Cord are second and Leo and Jamal in third.

Margie and Luke are team four.

Flight Time and Big Easy check-in as team five.

Jen and Caroline finish as team six.

Jessica and John finish as team number seven.

Brendon and Rachel are team number eight.

Eliminated tonight...

Joey and Meghan check in as the ninth place team tonight and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014.

(Image: CBS)

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