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American Idol 2013 - Mariah Carey Says She Argues with Keith Urban and Randy Jackson, Too

By Staff
Jan 15, 2013
Keith Urban takes heat from Mariah Carey, too!

American idol 2013 - Mariah Carey says she not only argues with fellow female judge Nicki Minaj, but also her male peers Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.

While the singer had a huge bust-up with Nicki Minaj during the audition stages of the reality TV show, Mariah admitted all four judges, including Keith Urban and Randy Jackson, have disagreements about the contestants.

She told E! News:

"We have to go against each other sometimes to say, 'But wait, this person has something amazing! Maybe you're not seeing it. It's a little bit beyond your comprehension at this moment, but there's something great about this person.'"

However, they don’t always disagree.

She added: "We're also unanimous about a lot of great people that are here! We're excited about the people that are here right now. We all feel that they're above average in talent and personality."

While Nicki found it easy to reject contestants during the auditions, she has struggled to do so as the series progresses.

She explained: "The human side of you comes out eventually, when you're looking at people that are this close to fulfilling their dream and in their head they have already seen it come to fruition, so saying no, it's like a dagger."

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