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American Idol 2014 Tonight's Recap, Results (Spoilers) Big Contestant Elimination This Week

By Staff
Feb 18, 2014
American idol ready to cut the top 31 to the top 13.

American idol is live tonight and the top 31 contestants (see the list of contestants below) will become the top 13 by the end of the week.

Check out the results and recap of tonight';s show below.

Eighteen American idol hopefuls will be sent packing at the end of this week's competition.

Who will stay and who will go?

This week is fast and furious for the contestants and is aptly named "Rush Week."

During the episodes this week, the remaining singers will go through a boot camp, led by mentor Randy Jackson with help from former contenders Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert.

Here are the final top 30 and the judges decided not to eliminate CJ or Casey, so it is actually a Top 31 going into next week.


Andrina Brogden
Austin Wolfe
Brandy Neelly
Bria Anai Johnson
Briana Oakley
Emily Piriz
Jena Asciutto
Jessica Meuse
Jillian Jensen
Kenzie Hall
Kristen O’Connor
M.K. Nobilette
Majesty Rose
Malaya Watson
Marrialle Sellars


Alex Preston
Ben Briley
Briston Maroney
C.J. Harris
Caleb Johnson
Casey Thrasher
Dexter Roberts
Emmanuel Zidor
Ethan Harris
George Lovett
Jordan Brisbane
Malcolm Allen
Maurice Townsend
Neco Starr
Sam Woolf
Spencer Lloyd

The last spot is up for grabs between Neco Starr and Ben Briley. This is the first time this has happened on "Idol."

To Vote for Ben call: 1-855-443-6501

To Vote for Necco call: 1-855-443-6502

Tonight's Recap and results…

We are in Randy Jackson's Workshop tonight.

Randy has a good crew, including vocal coaches, stylists, choreographers and Rickey Minor to guide the contestants.

If that's not enough a pair of "non-denominational spiritual advisors" are included for the girls.

Song List...

Majesty Rose plays the guitar on Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

Kristen O'Connor sings Adele's "Turning Tables."

Briana Oakley sings Demi Lovato's "Warrior." (Best tonight so-far)

Jena Irene sings "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones.

Bria Anai sings "Wrong Side of a Love Song" by Melanie Fiona.

Marrialle Sellars singing "Roar" by Katy Perry.

Jessica Meuse sings "Drink a Beer" by Luke Bryan.

Emily Piriz sings Paris (Ooh La La)" by Grace Potter.

M.K. Nobilette sings John Legend's "All of Me."

Results Time…

The results of America's vote for Ben Briley vs. Neco Starr to get the last spot in the Top 30.

The winner is Ben Briley, he's in the top 30.

More Results…

In the new format, five are eliminated tonight with no performance…

Andrina Brogden, Jillian Jensen, Brandy Neelly, Austin Wolfe and Kenz Hall are all sent home without even getting a chance to sing.

Malaya Watson gets the final spot for the girls and sings "Hard Times" by Ray Charles

(Image: American idol)

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