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American Idol Hillary Clinton?

Jan 29, 2007

Always be careful of an open microphone is the rule among both celebrities and politicians. The open mic has nabbed President George W. Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney with some hilarious shots at the press corp. And now America's next anointed prez, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has been victimized in an American Idol like moment with her singing of the National Anthem by the dreaded open mic.

American Idol Hillary Clinton?

American Idol Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton was in Iowa to pump up her 2008 presidential campaign on what she is calling her 'listening tour.' Listening would have probably been a better idea than singing.

The 'tour' hit some very sour notes during the singing of the Anthem which caught Clinton's horrible off-key rendition. It is hard to imagine what American idol's Simon Cowell would have said, but the British judge certainly would have asked Clinton 'What was that?'


While many have already started to mock Hillary Clinton's Iowa visitfor basically slamming her husband Bill Clinton by answering a question on how to deal with "evil and bad men" others are looking to You Tube to listen to the woman that would be president absolutely butcher the National Anthem.

A report from the NY Post details that Clinton's quip, "what in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men?" was all about Bubba and drew 31 seconds of straight laughter and applause that left little doubt among attendees that she'd made a joke at hubby Bill Clinton's expense.

Which is funnier? The video of Hillary's American idol moment is here, you decide.

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