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American Race Results 2014 - Tonight's Elimination, Which All Stars Team Goes Home?

By Staff
Apr 13, 2014
Jet and Cord are ready for another leg of the Amazing Race 2014

The Amazing Race is back on tonight (April 13, 2014) and one of the teams will be eliminated during tonight's competition, who is going home?

It's been two weeks since the show aired last, so let's review the last episode of the Amazing Race 2014.

Two weeks ago, the seven teams who remained battled it out and raced and finished this way:

Leo and Jamal were first to finish during the last show.

Jet and Cord (pictured above), were really close, but were the second team.

Jessica and John were the third team.

Dave and Connor were the fourth team.

Brendon and Rachel were the fifth team last time out.

Flight Time & Big Easy get there and were the sixth team to finish.

Caroline and Jen were the last place team during the last aired episode and they would have been eliminated, but it was another non-elimination leg of the race, so no one was booted off the show for coming in last place.

That means someone is going home tonight, who do you think it will be?

Check out a recap below, a medieval detour awaits the teams tonight on Amazing Race All Stars 2014!

Tonight's Results:

Rachel and Brendon check-in first tonight and have won a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

Caroline and Jen are second tonight.

Right behind them are Dave and Connor are they are third tonight, because they allowed the girls to go first.

Jet and Cord are the fourth team tonight.

Leo and Jamal are in tonight as team number five.

Flight Time and Big Easy are Team number sic tonight and are safe!

Elimination Tonight:

John and Jessica are the last team and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight.

(Image: CBS)

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