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Amy Polumbo "Nude" Pics a Publicity Stunt? Miss New Jersey Says No Way

Jul 10, 2007

Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo is being blackmailed with photos that were snagged off the World Wide Web. As soon as the story hit many automatically believed that the photos had to show the beauty queen in some stage of undress. However Polumbo has been everywhere on television claiming that is not the case.

Amy Polumbo

Amy Polumbo "Nude" Pics a Publicity Stunt? Miss New Jersey Says No Way

On Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," she described the photographs distributed by a mysterious blackmailer as "normal college pictures" and "silly college fun." Polumbo said that before the scandal broke, her mother saw the pictures and "was mad at me for maybe 10 minutes. "She said, maybe you might want to remove them because someone will look at them a different way."


So how do you blackmail a person with college girl type photos? Her attorney said the captions that accompany the photos are defamatory, and are intended to make the viewer think the photos show something they do not. Say what? Polumbo added, "I'm also a theater major, and my friends and I, we just really like to have a good time."

She won't release the photos and many are accusing her of seeking her fifteen minutes and the photo flap has significantly raised her profile, but she insists she isn't enjoying the publicity.

"People are saying this was a publicity stunt, which is ridiculous," her attorney said Monday. "She would trade this for going back to just being Miss New Jersey for anything in the world. She has been really upset and disrupted by this."


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