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Angie Varona Sex Symbol Status at 14 (Video): Bikini, Lingerie Photos Spread Online, Ruined Her Life

Nov 14, 2011
Angie Varona at 18 years old.

Angie Varona was only 14 years old when she went from schoolgirl to internet sex symbol. She didn't want to be an online model, she had taken some provocative photos of herself in various skimpy and sexy wear and uploaded those pictures to her private photo account for one special viewer.

She wanted to impress her boyfriend with some racy pictures. There were no nude photos, she said.

However, those pictures are now all over the world wide web, as her account was hacked four years ago, and her pics are on some disgusting websites and her popularity has not died down.

She says she should have never uploaded the pictures.

Angie says that mistake 'ruined her life', as the constant bullying she received forced her to change schools twice.

"When you're 14 you don't realize that the things you do really do matter at that point," she told ABC News.

"No one ever thinks that, Yeah, I'm going to take these pictures and it's going to end up all over the internet. You just do it for yourself."

"[People] telling me that I deserve everything that's going to come for me, that they're going to rape me when they see me because I want it and because I ask for it," Varona said. "Someone found out my address and everything... threatening me, saying that they know where I live."

Watch the video below for more on the story.

ABC News also has more details here.

Angie Varona is now 18 years old and her parents home school her to protect her from those who wish to harass her about her four year old pictures.

(Image: Angie Varona)

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