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Antonella Barba Nude Photos, Sex Scandal Crashes American Idol

Feb 28, 2007

Is this really a scandal? A young girl is photographed by someone or lots of someone's in various poses and various stages of undress. Another batch of photos then follow that are in dispute and are allegedly of the same girl 'involved' with a man. Why do we care? Because the person in at least some of the photos is Antonella Barba and she is a contestant on American idol. Should she get the boot? What if anything does idol do with the sexy contestant?

Antonella Barba Nude Photos, Sex Scandal Crashes American Idol

Antonella Barba Nude Photos, Sex Scandal Crashes American Idol

Personally, I let it slide. The girl made a huge error in allowing whoever is clicking the camera shots of her if she really ever wanted a chance at launching her singing career on American idol. It cost Frenchie Davis, a finalist in 2003, her spot as she was dumped after it was determined she posed nude for a porn site. Why not Antonella?


Charlie McCollum of the Mercury news writes, "There is a difference, though. The Barba photos (the ones that are definitely of her) were private ones, not from a photo shoot for a porn site. Barba may be guilty of bad judgment or outright stupidity but that doesn't carry quite the same weight as Davis taking money to pose and then not telling the "Idol'' producers about it."

The sex scandal crash into American idol is really not a big deal. She is quite the wild little girl, even though a pal of hers that also tried out for idol calls her the least slutty girl she know, but let's leave her on the show and allow her to get booted by America's votes. Not American idol's stuffy rules.

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