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Arnold Schwarzenegger Lost Millions of Dollars over Politics

By Staff
Jan 3, 2014
Arnold Schwarzengegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger likely lost out on tens of ''millions of dollars'' over politics.

Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California and that meant he couldn't take nearly as many movie roles as he would have if he had not been involved in politics.

The 'Last Stand' actor took a seven-year break from acting to pursue his political dreams and while he loved being able to give something back to the people of America, he admits it wasn't great for him financially.

The 66-year-old Austrian said: ''I always saw my movie career as ongoing. I stepped out for seven years to be Governor of California but I was never trying to be a career politician who runs for Congress and the Senate. I just felt since America has given me every opportunity to achieve in life. I should take time out to serve the people regardless of the lack of pay. I gave the money back, as a matter of fact.

''It was around $187,000 a year, which is petty cash... for me! I lost out on earning tens of millions of dollars and it also cost me - political campaigns are expensive - but none of that mattered. I wanted to help the people. It was the most educational thing I've ever done.''

Schwarzenegger says he was told not to bother entering the political world because nobody would vote him in.

He said: ''I was told if you run for governor you'll lose because people don't take people from showbusiness seriously when it comes to politics... blah, blah, blah. I've heard it all with the impossible thing but I didn't pay any attention because I believed.''

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