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Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z and the Illuminati Sign - Conspiracy Theories Emerge from the Super Bowl

By Staff
Feb 4, 2013
Beyonce flashed the diamond sign - illuminati?

Did Beyonce Knowles flash the illuminati sign during her Super Bowl Halftime show?

Conspiracy theories emerged at the 2013 Super Bowl as Beyonce's show included Jay-Z's wife flashing the diamond sign in the middle of her show.

What is the Illuminati?

Gawker explains that "the Illuminati is an ancient and shadowy group of elites who control nearly every aspect of life on this planet — from finance and government to religion and culture."

Who is in the Illuminati?

The same article explains the Illuminati is made up of the world's political and financial elite, and also, rappers.

Some alleged members of the elite circle include:

Barack Obama

The Pope
Queen Elizabeth II
George Soros

Ben Bernanke
George W. Bush

Kanye West
Bob Dylan

Lady Gaga
Jim Carrey
Willow Smith

Check out the video below of the Super Bowl Halftime show to see Beyonce flash the illuminati sign.

Meanwhile Destiny's Child changed their Super Bowl set list at the last minute.

The 'Survivor' hitmakers - consisting of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams - were originally set to sing their 1999 hit 'Bills, Bills, Bills' when they reunited during Beyonce's half-time performance in New Orleans last night, but the song was axed at the eleventh hour in favour of 2001 track 'Bootylicious' because it didn't match the high energy of the rest of the singer's seven-minute set.

A source told "They kept rehearsing with 'Bills, Bills, Bills'. And the band started saying, 'How come they're not doing 'Bootylicious?'

"'Bills...' turned out to be too slow and wasn't flowing with the rest of the set. 'Bootylicious' was a better way to introduce the girls with their names. It worked so much better."

The trio - who last performed on stage together in 2007 - also sang their smash hit, 'Independent Woman' during the Destiny's Child medley, reportedly nixing their recently released song 'Nuclear', which appears on new compilation album, 'Love Songs', a collection of the band's biggest ballads.

Following the energetic reunion, which closed with Kelly, 31, and Michelle, 32, joining Beyonce on her solo hit 'Single Ladies', the 31-year-old star thanked her bandmates - as well as fellow singers Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, who sang the American national anthem - in a handwritten message posted on her Instagram account.

She wrote: "What a proud day for African-American women! Kelly, Michelle, Alicia, J-Hud ... You are all beautiful, talented and showed so much class! It was an honor to perform at the Super Bowl with you phenomenal ladies. Love, Beyonce. (sic)"

Michelle added on her Twitter account: "Had a great time w/my sisters tonight!! Tried to keep it a surprise!! Love you all...God bless!! (sic)"

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