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Big Brother 2014 Results Tonight (Spoilers) Eviction Time, One Voted Out, New Head of Household

By Staff
Aug 14, 2014
Big Brother 2014 - Will Nicole be vote out tonight?

The Big Brother results tonight (August 14, 2014) will cause an eviction, check out the spoilers below to see who will be voted out.

Tonight will also produce a new Head of Household as Christine's weekly reign comes to a close, who will hold that important power for next week's competetion?

This week's competition resulted in two of the houseguests being put up as nominated for eviction and the PoV was used this week.

Zach used his Power of the Veto he had earned to save himself earlier this week as he was nominated for eviction and that means the ZachAttack will survive at least one more week on Big Brother.

In his place, Christine turned her back on Nicole and nominated her for eviction during last night's show.

That means Nicole and Donny will be the two houseguests who are nominated for eviction tonight and one will go home.

Donny is convinced he is the one who will be dumped, will he correctly predict his own eviction from the Big Brother?

After being announced as the replacement nominee last night, a tearful Nicole seemed fairly despondent, even crying at one point and saying she wasn't thrilled with being around any of the remaining players in the Big Brother house.

One will be eliminated tonight and a new Head of Household will likely be named, check bellow for the live updates.

Tonight's results…

Updated as Julie Chen lets the Big Brother fans know the vote.

During tonight's show it is revealed that Christine, Caleb and Frankie get to leave the house for a day to attend an NFL pre-season training camp with the Dallas Cowboys for winning the Battle of the Block.

The Vote to Evict...

Caleb votes to evict...Nicole
Zach votes to evict...Nicole
Cody votes to evict...Nicole
Victoria votes to evict...Nicole
Frankie votes to evict...Nicole
Derrick votes to evict...Nicole

Nicole is evicted 6-0.


Derrick and Frankie win the Head of Household this week.

(Image: CBS)

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