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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Elimination Vote Tonight, Donny or Brittany Voted Out?

By Staff
Jul 24, 2014
Julie Chen is the host of Big Brother 2014

Big Brother 2014 is on tonight (Thursday July 24, 2014) and there is an elimination vote that will see one of the BB season 16 house guests eliminated.

Will Donny or Brittany be voted out of the house and off the show tonight?

During the game this week, the PoV was used, Victoria used the Power of Veto to save herself and that meant the show needed a replacement nominee and there was a little bit of drama.

After some soul searching Head of Household Cody nominated Donny for elimination.

The HoH really wanted to nominate Caleb as the replacement nominee, but Derrick and Frankie both wanted to keep Caleb safe and talked Cody out of it.

They are all a part of 'Team America' on this season's show and want to keep their alliance together as long as possible.

All of this likely spells doom for Brittany - she likely goes tonight in what could be the third unanimous vote of the season.

This is a live show tonight, check back as the show gets underway on CBS and we will have updates as the show is broadcast.

Julie Chen will make her weekly appearance to chat with the Big Brother season 16 houseguests and we will all see who is voted off Big Brother 2014 tonight.

Live results and spoilers:

The vote on Big Brother 2014:

Jocasta (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
Nicole votes to evict Brittany
Hayden votes to evict Brittany
Amber (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
Derrick (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
Caleb (sadly) votes to evict Brittany
Christine votes to evict Brittany
Victoria (happily) votes to evict Brittany
Zach votes to evict Brittany
Frankie votes to evict Brittany

In another unanimous vote, Brittany has been eliminated on Big Brother 2014.

(Image: CBS)

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