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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers, Results - Who Was Evicted, New Head Of Household, POV Tonight?

By Staff
Jul 6, 2014
Big Brother 2014 - Results tonight.

Big Brother 2014 is on CBS tonight (July 6, 2014) and there was an eviction over the holiday weekend.

Check out the spoilers below for the Head of Household and the Power of the Veto for Big Brother 16.

The Independence Day holiday was the end of the line for one Big Brother contestant as Joey Van Pelt and Paola Shea were the final two who could be eliminated over the weekend.

It was unanimous - Joey was evicted in a 13-0 vote.

The all house vote went like this:

Devin: Joey
Derrick: Joey
Frankie: Joey
Cody: Joey
Zach: Joey
Brittany: Joey
Nicole: Joey
Christine: Joey
Victoria: Joey
Jacosta: Joey
Hayden: Joey
Amber: Joey
Donny: Joey

This week's Head of Household competition split the men and the women meaning there will be co-HoH and those two will be able to place the nomination for eviction.

The competition saw a bit of controversy and a little bit of instant replay.

While Amber won the female side and earned the co Head of Household with no controversy, Hayden Voss and Cody Calafiore competed and Cody won, but a review by producers showed his foot hitting the ground when it shouldn't have and they awarded Devin Shepherd as the new co-HoH.

Eviction nominations...

Co HoH Devin nominated Brittany and Paola.

Co HoH Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole.

Amber, Derrick and Zach were picked to play in the PoV with Devin, Brittany and Paola.

And…Devin won the Power of Veto!

The battle of the block

Hayden and Nicole win 4-2 and are safe for Week 2 and Amber is dethroned as HoH.

Paola and Brittany remain on the block and Devin is the lone HoH for Week 2 on Big Brother 16.

(Image: CBS)

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