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Biggest Celebrity Scandals of 2012 - Passing Out the Year End Gifts

By Staff
Dec 27, 2012
Dina and Lindsay make the 2012 celebrity scandals list.

What are the biggest celebrity scandals for 2012?

Some might think it was Kate Middleton, who was photographed topless (and bottomless) in the French countryside and the photos were immediately online for the world to see.

Anne Hathaway decided panties should be optional, but paid for that decision when her dress slid open to expose her crotch and the paparazzi snapped away.

Halle Berry's baby daddy and the man she is now sleeping with brawled on Thanksgiving at her house right in from of her child during a custody exchange in a show of fine celebrity parenting.

Kristen Stewart cheated with her director from 'Snow White and the Huntsman' but her boyfriend Robert Pattinson forgave her and they are now back together.

Lindsay Lohan's life is a scandal a week with traffic accidents, alleged burglaries and jail time all winding up in Lilo's column for 2012.

Even her mom Dina wound up embarrassing herself on Dr. Phil, appearing on TV looking like she was under the influence of something.

Lindsay's latest - the IRS has frozen all of her assets that they can find, she owes the US Treasury a bunch of back taxes.

Check below for a year end gift list from the Hollywood Exclusive for many of the celebrities involved in scandals during 2012.

--To Snooki, Mike, Pauly D, Sammi, JWoww and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" gang: We'll celebrate wrapping up six long seasons that viewers wasted their time watching you get drunk, fight, make out, stumble around and throw up by handing out one-way tickets for everyone to the Bermuda Triangle.

View photos of Kate Middleton

--To M.I.A., who inexplicably gave the finger to the 111.3 million watching the Super Bowl during the Madonna half time show: Mittens.

--To Anne Hathaway, whose panty-less wardrobe malfunction at the NYC premiere of "Les Miserables" threatened to get more attention than her outstanding work in the film: A new stylist.

--To Taylor Swift, whose plentiful romances and breakups yield lots of attention and platinum recordings: A copy of Hall & Oates' 1982 classic, "Maneater."

--To Seth MacFarlane, who will be hosting the Academy Awards next year: Some good luck charms to help him channel the best hosts of the past: a Whoopi cushion, a Crystal, a Rock, a kilt made of Stewart plaid and a ray of Hope.

--To Simon Cowell, who seems to enjoy surrounding himself with ever-younger females: A new "X Factor" judge who comes complete with tons of media attention, a fetching smile, pageant titles galore and ample youth -- Honey Boo Boo.

--To Honey Boo Boo and Mama June: A three-thumb salute.

--To "Gangnam Style" star of the moment, PSY: A stopwatch, to track his 15 minutes of fame. Whoops, time's out.

--To the perpetually strained-looking Kristen Stewart: A second expression.

View photos of Kristen Stewart

--To Blue Ivy Carter: Nothing. With three nurseries (one of which is reportedly 2,200 square feet) crowded with such items as a $600,000 solid gold handmade rocking horse and a Swarovski diamante encrusted high chair, Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter already has a bigger GNP than some small countries.

--To Beyonce and Jay-Z: Some sense.

--To Whitney Houston's "loved ones" who sold funeral photos of her in repose to the tabloids and to over-zealous media involved in such shenanigans as chasing after the ambulance in which her body was being transported: Mirrors, in which to see themselves as disgusting as others see them.

--To Justin Bieber: All-terrain boots, to walk over the potholes of teen idoldom and keep his feet on the ground. And also a compass, so he doesn't get lost.

--Jimmy Kimmel: A helmet, for protection as he goes head-to-head with Letterman and Leno at 11:35 starting next month.

--To Halle Berry and her ex-husband Gabriel Aubrey, who finally seem to be making headway in resolving their hostile custody dispute over daughter Nahla (that included a fistfight between Aubrey and her fiancé Olivier Martinez): Peace.

--To Drew Barrymore, husband Will Kopelman and baby daughter Olive: Happiness.

--To Lindsay Lohan: Help.

View photos of Lindsay Lohan

--To the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Healthy and bouncy heir.

--To Ann Coulter: A muzzle.

--To Chris Brown: Ditto.

--To all those planning a new "Star Wars" movie at Disney for 2015: The Force. With them may it be.

--To "Sesame Street": Quick recovery from the Kevin Clash scandal (and many of us wouldn't mind less Elmo and more Big Bird. Just sayin').

--To Daniel Day Lewis: Four score and seven "Lincoln" awards, including a third Oscar.

--To Kristin Cavallari, who said she was "acting" on "The Hills" and the show was "pretty fake" -- and to Lauren Conrad, who said that "The Hills" was pretty true: Cross-stitched samplers of Mark Twain's saying, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

--To Clint Eastwood, who memorably, meanderingly, chatted with a chair at the Republican National Convention: A full living room set to talk to but off-camera, please.

--And to all the celebrities active in charity -- whether 12/12/12, Stand Up to Cancer or other public fundraising, behind-the-scenes acts of kindness like visiting Make-a-Wish children, doing USO shows in far-off dangerous places, going green, or otherwise lending their star power to worthy causes: Continuing health, high energy and blessings to you.

(Image: FameFlynet)

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