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Biggest Loser Results 2014 - Tonight's Elimination Recap

By Staff
Jan 7, 2014
Biggest Loser 2014 - One eliminated tonight.

The Biggest Loser results show has a big night tonight (Jan. 7, 2014) one of the previously eliminated contestants will be able to return to the show.

Who comes back on The Biggest Loser Season 15 tonight?

During the last episode aired, both Hap and Matt fell below the Red Line and were eliminated from the competition.

Here is how the weigh in went back in December, before the show took a break for Christmas.

Rachel lost 4 pounds plus her one-pound advantage, so a total of 5 and 2.92%

Chelsea lost 4 pounds and 2.21%

Jay lost 5 pounds and 2.49%

Marie lost 5 pounds and 2.60%

Tumi lost 9 pounds and 3.85%

David lost 12 pounds and 4.08%

Tanya lost 7 pounds and 3.37%

Hap lost 5 pounds and 1.56%

Jennifer lost 5 pounds and 2.50%

Matt lost 5 pounds and 1.87%

Tonight's Results…

First - all the eliminated contestants back to find out who wins a spot back into the competition.

They each weigh in on the scale and the person with the highest weight loss percentage will earn a spot back into the game.

Matt is at 26.12%
Hap is at 21.59%, so he is eliminated
Ruben is at 18.40%, so he is eliminated
Fernanda is at 16.80%, so she is eliminated
Holley is at 21.08%, so she is eliminated
Craig is at 20.26%, so he is eliminated

Bobby is at 27.09%, he is back on the show!

The others all head home now - officially.

Weigh-in on The Biggest Loser Tonight:

This is the way it works tonight: The two people who fall below the Yellow Line will be placed against each other and the other contestants will vote one of them out.

Tanya loses 3 pounds (plus her one-pound disadvantage) puts her at 1.00%
Bobby loses 7 pounds and is at 2.68%

David loses 12 pounds and 4.26%
Chelsea loses 6 pounds and 3.39%
Rachel loses 6 pounds and 3.59%
Jennifer loses 6 pounds and 3.08%
Jay loses 4 pounds and 2.04%
Marie loses 4 pounds and 2.14%
Tumi loses 4 pounds and 1.78%


Tumi and Tanya are below the Yellow Line and are up for elimination tonight.


Bobby votes Tumi.
David votes Tumi.
Jay votes Tumi.
Marie votes Tumi.

Tumi is eliminated tonight on The Biggest Loser 2014!

What do you think of the results?

(Image: WENN)

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