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Blind MLB Pitcher (Photo) Shotgun Blast Takes Juan Sandoval's Sight in One Eye

By Staff
Feb 20, 2013
Blind MLB Pitcher - Can Juan Sandoval make team?

A possible MLB pitcher is blind in one eye and will compete in Spring Training for a job.

Juan Sandoval (pictured, above) wants to pitch for Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays and his long odds to make the team is one of the best stories of Spring Training.

Sandoval lost sight in his right eye seven years ago after being hit with a shotgun blast at a bar when a patron and a bouncer fought.

A report reveals that the man who shot Sandoval wasn't aiming for him, he was angry with a bouncer who had tossed him out of the establishment and returned with a shotgun and fired and Sandoval was collateral damage.

After the shotgun blast there were three buckshot pellets lodged in his eye.

"What happened is not something I'm carrying all the time, wearing on my chest so people can know," Sandoval said, according to Yahoo Sports.

"I don't think about it. I'm just a normal player here. I don't know how many – 50 players here? I'm one of 50 in the clubhouse. I'm a normal person, a normal player. I don't like coaches or nobody giving me credit – or limits."

The pitcher is a right hander and his left eye is strong.

He has had to re-learn how to field balls with only one eye and has been playing in the Mexican League.

More here on his story on how he was discovered in the Dominican Republic.

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