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Bristol Palin Pregnant: Sarah Palin's Daughter as Jamie Lynn Spears With a Dash of Jessica Biel

Sep 1, 2008

Bristol Palin is pregnant. If you are grasping right now at exactly who she is, she is the seventeen-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential nominee for John McCain and the Republicans. Will we soon hear "Now starring as Jamie Lynn Spears is Bristol Palin?" Absolutely, the story will cause quite the stir as Republican are in Minneapolis this week at their convention and some Democrats believe her having the baby is scandalous.
Bristol Palin (Far Right) is Pregnant, Mom Sarah Palin (Center) is the GOP VP

Bristol Palin (Far Right) is Pregnant, Mom Sarah Palin (Center) is the GOP VP

There is a touch of Jessica Biel tossed into the scandal as well as Bristol Palin was studied like Biel has been of late for a baby bump as news turned to gossip from the campaign trail this weekend. This should be a wild political ride now as gossip and politics mix it up with a dose of Us Weekly, People Magazine and a touch of Newsweek and Time tossed in for good measure.


Jamie Lynn Spears discovered she was pregnant at sixteen and had a baby at seventeen and she was given what was reported to be a million dollar deal for the exclusive story and the first photos of the baby. As the entertainment media turns Jessica Biel was followed around because she appeared to have a baby bump. Now we have the same treatment of the daughter of a Vice Presidential nominee. Isn't that wrong?

That happened more than a bit this weekend as many of the left political bloggers unleashed bitter and personal attacks aimed squarely at the young woman. Will this spark more disgusting behavior - of course, it is already starting. Sarah Palin says she is proud of her daughter and in statement released to the media she asks for privacy and states that Bristol is marrying the father.


It will be interesting to see the reaction from of the larger news sources that considered Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea off limits. Will they react that way now with Sarah Palin's daughter? This will get ugly and expect the attacks on Bristol to escalate.

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Bristol Palin Pregnant: Daughter of Sarah Palin in Pregnancy Scandal


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