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Britney Spears Nude Kids Go Skinny Dipping With Britney and Bodyguard

Jul 9, 2007

Britney Spears is photographed with her two boys this weekend and the little ones are in the buff in the hot sun being handed off to the bodyguard. At least Britney has clothes on - sunscreen anyone? Britney will catch a lot of backlash for these photos as the young boys already look a bit red.

Britney Spears Nude Kids Go Skinny Dipping With Britney and Bodyguard

Britney Spears Nude Kids Go Skinny Dipping With Britney and Bodyguard

And even though it is not exactly like driving with Sean Preston on her lap right in front of a 200mph airbag ready to deploy, she is still likely to be ripped to shreds by child welfare critics. The Paparazzi will also catch heat as well for showing the kids bums.


TMZ has this blurb: A barefoot Britney in her new Betty Rubble-inspired bathing skirt and a weave from the Kiss '78 tour, took her boo-boos for a bath in the cement pond at her Malibu compound. The in the buff Jayden is being handed off by the alleged bodyguard slash "new boyfriend," (I thought she was dating the drug counselor) while Sean waits his turn. "It's hard to find bathing suits in Bedrock," the writer muses.

This surely won't help her if her Kevin Federline decides to use it in court. Britney had earlier presented a legal document to her mom that is a copy of a motion that Britney intends to file if Lynne does not stop meddling in her life.


“The motion is intended to keep Lynne away from the kids,” a source tells the National Enquirer. “The papers contain allegations that Lynne abuses prescription drugs. According to Britney, Kevin knows that Lynne takes prescription medication and also believes she is addicted. Britney claims that by leaving the kids with Lynne, Kevin is putting them in danger.”

Britney claims that Lynne criticizes her in front of the boys and conspires with Kevin to drive her crazy and take their kids, the source spills. These photos won't help that.

Michael K hasthe pictures here.


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