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Britney Spears Without Paris Hilton, Without Panties: Yes, Again

Nov 29, 2006

What is going on with Britney Spears? She is finally making her way through life without Paris Hilton (at least for now) but she is again flashing her privates to the world without panties.

Britney has lost Paris, Still yet to find panties

Britney has lost Paris, Still yet to find panties

'In case you didn't know' has the photographs online and gives this report:

Britney Spears goes for a midnight drive with a friend on PCH. Spears left the house that she has been staying at in Malibu and drove down the coast on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and stopped off at a gas station, she could not figure out where the gas went into her car.


Luckily there were some helpful photographers there to show her where to put the gas in. Spears then drove around like she was lost for a wile and went to a hotel. When she arrived at the hotel she got out of the car and her dress slid up and reveled that she was not wearing any underwear.

Spears then went to the front desk of the hotel as if she was checking in, then a little wile later Spears and her friend slipped out the back of the hotel and drove home.

*** speculates that its official -- Britney Spears hates panties, noting that for the second night in a row, and the third time in a week, Britney Spears gave the world an unrestricted view of her no-no special place.

The pop princess gave photogs the sneak peak late last night at a gas station in Santa Monica. This time, Paris Hilton was nowhere to be found.

Is this ever going to end?

TMZ has the PG-13 photo here

ICYDK has the NSFW photos here


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