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Carmen Electra Loved Bad Boys - Now Dating Simon Cowell

By Staff
Dec 26, 2012
Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is now dating X Factor USA judge Simon Cowell, but has revealed "bad boys" were once her main attraction.

The still sexy actress-and-model admits she always dated ''macho'' men when she first moved to Hollywood at the age of 18, and she now feels ''foolish'' for believing guys had to be tough.

She said: ''I had been brought up with macho guys. All my four older brothers were karate black belts. A lot of guys do not want to show they are vulnerable because they regard it as weakness.

''So I ignored that for a time. I was foolish. But at 18 I was attracted to bad boys. I watched what went on around me in Hollywood and wanted to learn.''

However, the 40-year-old beauty - who is currently dating 53-year-old music mogul Simon Cowell - has since realised there is more to being a man than having a ''good body'' and having an ego.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she added: ''Am I still interested in a guy's body? Now I have grown up, I am much more of a 'vibe' kind of person! If a man has a good body, that is an added plus. But I do not think it is the most important.

''A big turn-on to me is a guy who can have any girl he wants but says no. He has self-control. Not the guy with all the chicks who is insecure.''

Carmen - who was previously married to rock guitarist Dave Navarro and hellraising basketball player Dennis Rodman - is now looking forward to the next stage of her life and hopes she settles down with a partner who has a ''good heart''.

The former 'Baywatch' star also hopes to start a family when she meets her very own 'Mr. Right'.

She said: ''I want someone who can keep me on my toes, has a good sense of humour and a good heart. I love a man who has lived a full life and lived on the edge.

''I want to have a baby and look forward to being a mother one day. At 18, nothing could have been further from my mind!''

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