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Celebrities Offer Super Bowl 2014 Predictions, Advice - Brooke Burke Prefers Home Party

Feb 2, 2014
Brooke Burke and Alexia Echevarria

With Super Bowl XLVIII coming up Sunday, Feb. 2, celebrities and everyday folks alike will soon be getting ready for football's biggest event -- including Denver Broncos fans like Jessica Biel, Don Cheadle, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Seattle Seahawks devotees the likes of Drew Carey and Grammy-winning, tag-poppin' recording star Macklemore.

To help get in the spirit, here are some favorite responses when we asked celebs to give us their favorite Super Bowl memory or party tip:

Vanessa Williams: "My favorite memory is when I sang. I sang in '96 when it was the Steelers and the Cowboys. Dallas won that year. It was so grand and so awesome, I felt like I was out of my body. There were just so many people -- a wash of color. It was one of those things you think -- sing at the Super Bowl, visit the president at the White House. ... It's one of those things you tick off as achievements in life."

Bryan Cranston: "My favorite Super Bowls are the ones where I win the pools."

Jeff Foxworthy: "My favorite memory would probably be the time where I rushed for 186 yards and two touchdowns. That was one of the early Super Bowls. I can't remember which number it was. As far as a Super Bowl party tip -- have a metal detector at the front door, especially if you're entertaining family and friends. That way you know if they're bringing weapons into the house or taking silverware out of it. And it's probably a good idea to have the police on standby if you're entertaining family."

Jim Belushi: "You've got to have good betting pools and a lot of great food. I mean, really go for it. You've got to have some steak there, some chicken there and guacamole there and those little salads the ladies love. And a great sound system and a big, big screen -- and plenty of beer."

Rob Morrow: "I was in the halftime show when I was 14 or 15 and living in Florida. I was one of those thousands of kids running around dancing. Standing on the sidelines, it was Pittsburgh and Miami, and someone almost smashed into me. ... It's a great memory. And then years later, after I was kind of, you know, famous, I got tickets and I was able to stand on the sidelines, and had a free access pass to anywhere I wanted and went to meet my friends after I was hanging out on the sidelines, and got lost in the bowels of the stadium. This was in Miami as well. I came out of the elevator and there was like no one there. I was completely lost, there was nothing there, and I was hearing the cheering above me."

Brooke Burke: "I actually have been to the Bowl and don't dig the crowds. I'd much rather watch it at a house party amongst friends. My coolest and funniest Super Bowl memory was watching the debut of the Burger King commercial where I was dressed up as a sesame seed bun! That's when you know you've arrived."

Gerald McRaney: "My fondest memory of the Super Bowl dates back to 1969, the year that Broadway Joe Namath was backing up his brag that his team, the AFL's NY Jets, was going to win the game. 'I guarantee it,' he said and everyone snickered. They went on to win, of course, and made history! I was working on the Shell Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico at the time and watching the Super Bowl was one my few guilty pleasures."

SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard: "Super Bowl III...Joe "Willy" Namath predicts he and the Jets would not only go to the Super Bowl but would win. And they did. It was like Babe Ruth predicting a home run or Ali predicting he would beat Sonny Liston ... early '80s Cincinnati Bengals against San Francisco 49ers. Less than 2 minutes -- Bengals leading. Joe Montana and the 49ers have the ball. I remember thinking 'Joe has the ball -- no problem -- he can march it down field.' And he did and the 49ers won

Robert David Hall: "If your group is making 'friendly' wagers try to keep it to a minimum amount. ... Our feast consists of chili, San Francisco sourdough bread and Champagne -- guarantees a lovely time will be had by all."

Billy Ray Cyrus: "My Super Bowl party tip -- don't drink and drive. Get a designated driver."

Listen to your pa, Miley.


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