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Charlie Sheen Battles with Denise Richards - New Porn Girlfriend Brett Rossi Blamed

By Staff
Dec 19, 2013
Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen is battling with Denise Richards and Charlie's new girlfriend, porn actress Brett Rossi, is catching part of the blame.

Sheen is reportedly planning to cut Denise Richards' child support payments and one report claims Rossi is now calling the shots, forcing Charlie's hand.

The 'Anger Management' star is said to be furious with his ex-wife for preventing him from seeing their daughters Sam, nine, and Lola, eight, over the Christmas holidays, so is threatening to take her to court to establish official visitation rights on specific holidays.

And according to TMZ, Charlie also wants the judge to examine their current financial agreement , which was arranged privately and sees him pay Denise - who also has a two-year-old adopted daughter Eloise - $55,000 a month, as well as allowing her to live in a $9 million home he bought so he could be close to his daughters.

While Charlie - who has until now maintained an amicable relationship with Denise - was said to be enraged when the 42-year-old actress told him he wasn't welcome on their family holiday, it has now been claimed he is actually spending the

A source told ''Charlie decided several weeks ago to take Brett to Europe for Christmas. Brett told Charlie if he went with ex-wife on her family Christmas vacation, she would break-up with him.

''Brett is so excited to be spending Christmas with Charlie in Europe, and is loving the lifestyle of private jets, fancy dinners and designer clothes. The trip will include five-star hotels, in over the top suites. Needless to say, this is a big departure from previous Christmas' Brett has experienced.''

And Brett is said to be ''insanely jealous'' of the close relationship Charlie had with Denise and urged him to reduce contact with her, sparking the actor to rant about his former spouse on twitter.

The source added: ''Charlie didn't want to look like a jerk again, for not spending a holiday with his daughters, so he went on yet another tirade, to deflect from what is really going on...

''Brett is calling all the shots in the relationship. It's a very dysfunctional relationship and they are fighting all the time.''

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