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Cheerleader Photos Leaked: Teens in High School Cause Sexting Scandal

Dec 11, 2008

Cheerleaders and scandal go together quite well and apparently they are getting younger. High school cheerleaders are taking off their shirts and posing for photos and then sending those racy photos of themselves to their boyfriends and other friends via e-mail. The pictures wind up on cell phones and are then shared with others.
Cheerleader Photos Leaked: Teens in High School Cause Sexting Scandal

Cheerleader Photos Leaked: Teens in High School Cause Sexting Scandal

The next step in the World Wide Web. The snaps of the nude girls make their way from the iPhone to anyone with a connection and that's when the problems begin. In Seattle, two young girls took nude photos and those wound up being shared with many other students, the school got wind of it as well and the snaps were passed all around.


The two girls were cheerleaders and booted from the squad. They are now wanting to sue because the school passed around the racy snaps and everyone has now gotten a good look at the girls without anything on. Now remember, these aren't paparazzi photos they are candid MySpace like shots that were actually taken by the girls.

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Angela carson noted in an earlier report that the Seattle P-I noted in a report that in August, the school officials suspended the racy cheer squad members and now their parents are fighting back and suing, partly because the pictures were passed around to staff. The report from the paper notes that the parents believe the girls' due process rights were violated. Didn't the girls start all this -what's the lesson here?


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