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Cher Lovers: Cruise, Beatty and Simmons: Missed on Elvis and Brando

Nov 12, 2010

Cher revealed some of her past lovers on the David Letterman show on CBS television and also confessed she just missed on Elvis Presley and also missed out on Hollywood legend Marlon Brando.
Cher Lovers Revealed.

Cher Lovers Revealed.

If I could turn back time, Cher muses on Brando and Elvis.

The NY Post reveals that Letterman was looking to see if he could get some bedroom confessions from Cher, and the TV talk show host rattled off a list of famous men which she could either confirm, deny or plead the fifth.


The men:

Warren Beatty: "Yea"

Tom Cruise: "Yea"

Elvis Presley: "Almost. I got nervous."

Marlon Brando: "I wish I had."

Gene Simmons: "Yes [smiles]"

Michael Bolton: "No!"

Eric Clapton: "Once"

But she was quick to add, "there's lots more than that!"


Also in the interview, Cher praised her 'brave' transgender son Chaz for his gender change as she explained the process to talk show host David Letterman.

Chaz Bono was born Chastity Bono before undergoing a female to male gender change in 2009 and legally changed name in May.

The 64-year-old veteran pop star told Letterman that she and Chaz had discussed her gender change for more than a decade before the surgery was done.

(Image: WENN)


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