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Anchorman 2 Movie - Christina Applegate Ready for Another

By Staff
Dec 19, 2013
Christina Applegate

Movie News - Christina Applegate wants to start work on 'Anchorman 3'.

The 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' actress - who plays sexy newsreader Veronica Corningstone in the film series - is upset it took so long to get a sequel made to the original 2004 film, and can't wait to start on another installment.

She told ''I don't want to wait nine years. I would do [another] one next year if I could.''

Meanwhile Steve Carrell - who stars as part of the fictional Channel 4 news team in the movie alongside Christina, Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell and David Koechner - says they shot a huge musical number for the movie, but it was later left out from the final cut.

He said: ''There was an entire musical number that we spent a week shooting

''It was cut from the final movie. It was very good and we all thought, 'Boy, this is gonna be a real cornerstone of this entire thing,' but I guess it just took a left turn.''

However, Paul is sure the scene will surface at some point, most likely as a DVD extra.

He said: ''It was lengthy and it also was happening at a time where the story had really kicked in and at a certain point, you have to take into consideration the film's running length and get in essentially the story, but I think that that will surface at some point.''

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