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Christine Baranski Amused by 'Good Wife' Sex Action - Adam Hicks Ready for Chill

Aug 13, 2012
Christine Baranski

With "The Good Wife" back in production for its fourth season, Christine Baranski is loving the fact her Diane Lockhart character is carrying on relationships with two men -- at least.

"I've got two guys so far, but I'm ready for three or four -- why not?" asks the actress, deadpan. "I'm a busy woman. I actually got a Twitter question today: 'You seem to have the most active sex life of anyone on the show.' That's pretty damn funny. I love it!"

But seriously, Baranski is understandably proud of the multi-dimensional Diane, whose skills outside the bedroom are at least as formidable as therein.

"What I really love? She's a powerful, well-educated woman, very well spoken, and she can just go toe to toe with the guys. Women love that; they love to see it. There are so many powerful women in the world now, running companies, running countries, running the international monetary fund. They know how to talk to guys. They don't, you know, bend and try to be all cute to try to deal with the guys. It's a new world, and I love that Diane is totally comfortable with men. She actually likes men. You get the feeling, this is a woman who can sit down and drink scotch with the guys and talk sports."

Baranski herself loves to talk sports -- she can keep up with any guy on the crew, she says. And nowadays, with her showcase role as the head of Julianna Margulies' firm on the CBS series, Baranski loves to talk law.

"Why do lawyers get such a bad rap? It's really hard," observes the two-time Tony-winning actress.

"I have a daughter in law school. I admire people who get through law school. It is really difficult. I often get the script and I think, 'This is like speaking Arabic. What is this?' So I learn more and more about the law and about how things work, and I'm happy for that because that's really fun -- when you have a job that actually educates you."

In fact, Baranski is so convincing, "I've had people, heads of law firms, tell me, will you come and talk to my female lawyers about how to do it, because people on juries, they watch
television, and they think lawyers should be like Diane Lockhart."

According to Baranski, when Season 4 kicks off, we'll find her law firm, Lockhart Gardner, in crisis mode. "We're in a bad way, so we're going to have to work our way back up or be liquidated. There's a lot of layoffs. You know the show is good about reflecting what's going on in America. We're still in a recession, and frankly, Lockhart Gardner hasn't been able to bounce back the way it thought it would."

As they say, stay tuned.

FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT: Just days away from completing production on his first season of the Disney Channel's "Pair of Kings," Adam Hicks admits he's on a "countdown until it's time to chill."

The personable, red-haired actor says about coming into the show in its third season to replace Mitchel Musso: "I didn't know what to expect, but everyone welcomed me with open arms, like a family. And I didn't know how the fans were going to respond, but the fans have been digging it. It's been great -- keeping me busy."

He'll head to his hometown, Las Vegas, to catch up with family and friends for awhile. As he points out, "I turned 18, so I'm living in California by myself now." But he won't be idle long. He's working on the music side of his career, and open to more hiatus time opportunities.

"It's a funny thing in this business. You get addicted to the next project and the next, and you want to keep working," notes the actor, whose claims to fame include the big screen "How to Eat Fried Worms" and Disney XD's "Zeke and Luther."

Hicks enjoys his "great relationship with Disney," which keeps him busy not only with the series, but with appearances and ouside activities like yesterday's "TRYathlon," in which he and cast mate Doc Shaw teamed up with the NBA's Kevin Love to compete in a set of endurance challenges.

Although their results weren't, er, all they had hoped, Hicks says he learned some lessons he'll take with him, like learning to pace himself. Yes; for him, that's new.

TALK FOR THE ANIMALS: Kevin Nealon, seen in a commercial for a no-kill initiative for Los Angeles animal shelters, says it's just a fraction of what he would like to do. "I get a lot of requests for help from all over the country, and it's very frustrating," admits the comedian, "Weeds" actor and animal activist. "I hear from different shelters -- horses or birds or chimpanzees -- and you just can't do it all. But you know, I do what I can, and that's all I can do."



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