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Is Chuck D Angry with Jay-Z and Kanye West?

By Staff
Aug 13, 2012
Does Chuck D believe Kanye and Jay-Z are selfish?

Is Public Enemy rapper Chuck D angry with fellow rappers Jay Z and Kanye West?

Chuck D seems upset with what he perceives to be the attitude of selfishness surrounding the upper echelon of the rap artists and makes his feelings known, seemingly amused by the 'me' mentality of Jay-Z and Kanye West.

The veteran Public Enemy rapper has recorded a track, 'Catch the Thrown', as a response to the hip-hop stars' collaborative single 'Watch the Throne', which questions what the pair stand for and represent.

He said: ''Hip-hop celebrates those that want to make a killing, instead of those that can make a living.

''I like those guys, but they make me laugh sometimes because I don't get who they're here for, other than themselves.''

Chuck also sees himself and Public Enemy's other main rapper, Flavour Flav, as The Rolling Stones of hip-hop, because they have been rapping so long and still continue to record and tour.

He added: ''I already see us as The Rolling Stones of rap. I'm 52 and Flav's 53, that's 105 years coming at ya.''

Chuck has no plans to retire anytime soon, and would love to continue like an old blue musician, saying: ''I would like to [still be going in another 25 years]. B.B. King's still doing it at 87.''

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