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Colin Farrell Gay Rights Push for Ireland - Sunday World Letter Explains

Nov 16, 2014
Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell is fighting for gay rights in Ireland, the actor has writer a letter in The Sunday World explaining his opinion.

The letter says in Part, "I think I found out my brother wasn’t groveling in heterosexual mud like most boys our age when I was around 12. I remember feeling surprised. Intrigued. Curious. Not bi-curious before you start getting ideas."

The actor adds, "I was curious because it was different from anything I’d known or heard of and yet it didn’t seem unnatural to me. I had no reference for the existence of homosexuality. I had seen, by that age, no gay couples together. I just knew my brother liked men and, I repeat, it didn’t seem unnatural to me.

My brother Eamon didn’t choose to be gay. Yes, he chose to wear eyeliner to school and that probably wasn’t the most pragmatic response to the daily torture he experienced at the hands of school bullies.

But he was always proud of who he was. Proud and defiant and, of course, provocative. Even when others were casting him out with fists and ridicule and the laughter of pure loathsome derision, he maintained an integrity and dignity that flew in the face of the cruelty that befell him."

Read the full letter here.

According to PEOPLE Mag, "Ireland has seen a huge push to legally recognize same-sex marriage, a move that will be decided by vote in the spring" and the polls are favorable for passage.

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