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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Widow Terri Finds Love With His Best Pal?

Aug 24, 2007

Love is in the air for Steve Irwin's widow with the Croc Hunter's best friend reports the National Enquirer in this week's issue. The "Crocodile Hunter's" beautiful widow Terri has found a new man: her late husband's "best mate"! Is it love or just friendship? According to the story published in this week's edition friends say grieving Terri Irwin has found new happiness with rugged bachelor John Stainton.
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Widow Terri Finds Love With His Best Pal? (Wenn)

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Widow Terri Finds Love With His Best Pal? (Wenn)

Stainton, 48, was Steve's best friend and accompanied him on his fatal Great Barrier Reef dive last Sept. 4. John is the one who broke the news to Terri Irwin about Steve's shocking death. Since then the writer-producer who discovered Irwin 15 years ago and made him world famous has been a tower of strength for beautiful Terri, 43, the magazine reports.


In many ways, John's stepped right into Steve's shoes, becoming almost a father to his two children," an Irwin family insider tells Enquirer. "Staffers at Steve's zoo say there's a budding romance between John and Terri. When you see Terri and the kids with John, they look like family. "Since Steve's death, he's accompanied Terri and the kids around the world. There's a terrific bond between them they both loved and admired Steve and cherish his memory."

After Steve was killed by a stingray, a broken-hearted Terri declared she would never marry again. "But I think she may change her mind," confided the family insider. "Sometimes Terri and John go out to dinner with Bindi and Robert, and other times she cooks them a meal at home.

"Terri smiles happily when the children run to him. Bindi loves John and turns to him when there's a question about her blossoming career. Terri's aware John's becoming a father figure, and you can see she couldn't be happier."


It sounds like a very sweet love story, but it may just be friendship and the determination of John to look after his best pal's family. Either way, they all deserve happiness. More power to them.


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