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Dawn Wells Pot Bust: Mary Ann From Gilligan's Island Marijuana Arrest

Mar 11, 2008

Ginger or Mary Ann? That question has been posted for years and my answer has always been Mary Ann and now it seems like I was right. Dawn Wells, the actress that played the short shorts wearing girl next door island hottie on Gilligan's island sounds like she is a party girl and still going, even at age sixty-nine.
Dawn Wells Pot Bust (Image: Wenn)

Dawn Wells Pot Bust (Image: Wenn)

According to celebrity website TMZ.Com the actress has been busted for pot. This is no breaking story, it apparently happened way back in October but the actress was popped with a whole bunch of roaches and half smoked joints in her car and there were also some cases filled with weed.


She did what everyone has always done - she blamed it on Gilligan. Or at least hitchhikers. The actress tried to tell the cops that the pot wasn't hers, it was some random hitchhiker she must have picked up along the way. Good try but no sale. The bust was in Idaho and she did five days in lock up for it.

Say it ain't so Mary Ann! Now she is on probation. I still say pick Mary Ann over Ginger.


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