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Debra Lafave Sexy Photos Offer: Will Teacher Strip After Probation?

Apr 10, 2008

Debra Lafave has been given a reprieve from house arrest in Florida by a judge and she will no longer be under house arrest. That means the electronic monitoring bracelet will come off and Debra Lafave will be able to spend the rest of her time on probation. The stunning 27-year-old blonde made national news when she was first arrested for having sex with a student three years ago.
Debra Lafave Photos Offer: Will Teacher Strip After Probation?

Debra Lafave Photos Offer: Will Teacher Strip After Probation?

What looked like it would be a blockbuster case for Court TV because of her looks and the charges was instead settled. In 2005 LaFave plead guilty and was sentenced to three years of House Arrest and seven years of probation in a plea agreement and she has a string of other requirements she must complete to keep her from doing real time.


She again made news late last year when she was hassled by police for talking with a seventeen year-old girl that she worked with. The subsequent trial found that she did not violate her probation and she was allowed to stick with the original terms. Now that she is headed for freedom some are suggesting that she should be given an offer to strip for a men's magazine, and cash in on her fame and her notoriety.

Debra's racy photos are again a highly sought item on the World Wide Web and it would definitely be a big seller if a magazine decided to do that. But many would argue that it would mean she would be cashing in on her crime. It's not clear what her restrictions are and even if she is allowed would any magazine touch the red-hot issue and would she ever agree to do that?


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