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Deion Sanders, Pilar Biggers-Sanders Married for 12 Years with Reality Show - Nasty Divorce Underway

Jan 20, 2012
Pilar Biggers-Sanders.

Deion Sanders and wife Pilar Biggers-Sanders were married for 12 years and had their own reality TV series, but that is all now over and they are headed for divorce.

A nasty divorce.

According to TMZ, she claims he is he's a "narcissistic serial cheater," and he fired back that is nonsense, and says her claims are nothing more than a "shady" attempt to extort more money from him.

His attorney is talking.

Deion's attorney, Jody Johnson, tells TMZ: "The actions of Ms. Sanders and her attorney are nothing more than an attempt to avoid a legally binding contract that she no longer likes, by falsely assassinating the character of Mr. Sanders in an effort to extort additional money from Mr. Sanders."

The lawyer adds: "Mr. Sanders will not be intimidated by these shady tactics and remains committed to resolve this matter in a court of law as quickly and amicably as possible."

More here from TMZ.

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