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Did Zac Efron Take the Vanessa Hudgens Thong Photos: New Pics Online

Sep 22, 2007

What is going on with Vanessa Hudgens? There is now a new set of photos floating around the World Wide Web that show the adorable little eighteen year old beauty again behaving badly. She is snapped in another variety of poses this time again playing to the cameras and there is one shot of two gals in thongs that was snapped by someone - is it boyfriend Zac Efron?
Did Zac Efron Take the Vanessa Hudgens Thong Photos: New Pics Online

Did Zac Efron Take the Vanessa Hudgens Thong Photos: New Pics Online

In one of the photos Vanessa's face is easily identifiable and there is what appears to bea guy's foot at the base of the photo. Julie Pike has a link to the photos in this story and has determined that the pictures were likely taken last October. They don't appear to be from the same pack of photos that showed Nessa in various stages of undress earlier.


As is what appears to be her usual fare the little babe is playing around. Now it appears that the photos will be leaked as soon as it appears that the story is ready to die down. There is speculation that there are more coming of another bare shot - this one in the bathtub with Vanessa blowing suds.

Many of her fans are continuing to support her and others are really concerned that the photos may have been snapped by the hunky star Zac and that if Vanessa goes down - he may go with her. Right now Disney is hanging tough - but what will High School Musical 3 look like if this continues? Will Hudgens make the cut or be cut?



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